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We are an ever-growing project with over 22,000 locations (towns, cities, parishes, buroughs, etc), several million points of data, and over 100,000 graphs and charts. All entries on our site contain a commentary section at the bottom of the page where we encourage visitors and residents to make their own additions and discussions.

The first way to find a location is to use the search box below. Begin entering your location and the closest matches will appear as you type. Select the location your are interested in and you will be brought directly to the location's page.

The second option is to view a side-by-side display of two locations. This is done in the same fashion as the single location search. Simply enter two locations (one in each box) and click 'Compare' to view a comparison page of the two cities.

Enter your search or select it from the options that appear and click 'Go' to be brought directly to that location's page on Town Desktop.

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The third option is to select the state your town or city is in from the list of states below and from there you will be provided with additional information about the state (maps, size, population, state symbols, average wages, rent, average age, educational statistics, and much more) along with a list of all locations for which we have entries.

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While TownDesktop attempts to be as up-to-date and precise as possible, we make no guarantee of accuracy.
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